What We Do

Dried Apple and
Infused Fruit Producer

Zarecki Foods is situated near the heart of the largest fruit growing regions in Europe, offering a local, reliable, consistent supply of high quality fruit products for Europe. We have the benefit of a brand new, efficient, and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, with a large production capacity to produce best in class fruit products.

Our Products

Our dried apple & infused fruits are great tasting, colourful, mouth wateringly delicious fruit ingredients that will add excitement & interest to a range of product innovations. Their plant based, clean label & appealing health features are perfectly inline to meet consumer driven food trends, making them the perfect addition.

Why Choose Zarecki Foods?

Modern B2B fruit-processor
Perfect Location
Infusion Technology Expertise
BRC AA Rated
Kosher & Halal Certified
Apple Global Gap Certified Growers

Why Are We Different?

High level of customer satisfaction, developing innovation in various aspects of the drying fruit, we always provide the best service to customers.

Customer focused

- specifications to suit individual customer needs

Innovation focused

- new fruit products to meet changing customer needs


- fruit is our world

New Technology focused

- drives best quality product

Strong partner for whole Europe

We thrive on strong relationship with our distributors in the entire Europe.

We work together to develop and deliver a wide variety of dried fruit at the highest quality.

For UK & Ireland

For Continental Europe